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Cancelled Dates - 2020



Where: Casa Fools - Via Eusebio Bava 39 - Turin - Italy
When: 22 March

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WhereTeatro Dravelli - Via Praciosa 11, Moncalieri (Turin) - Italy
When: 29 March

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Where: Milano Clown Festival - Myland - Italy
When: 2020

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Where:  Hauser Dramatische Republik - Berlin - Germany
When: 15 May

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Where: Torino Fringe Festival - Turin - Italy
When: 21-22-23-24 May

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The Playback
The technique of Playback to tell the story of human nature. A funny game to not take yourself seriously.

Where: Mime Centrum - Studium 2 - Bethanien - Mariannenplatz 2 - Berlin.
When: Monday weekly training. From 13. Januar '20.  21.15-23.45.
Numbers: 10 lessons.
Price: 200 euro.

Language: english.

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Playing, Listening, Clowning - The clown dynamics - II LEVEL
Residential workshop in the countryside of Piedmont - Italy.
The teaching includes intensive work on makeup and costume.
Where: Spiazzo. Circo fuori dal vaso. Frassinello - Casale Monferrato - Italy.  (on FB)
When: 18. to 26. April '20- From 10.00 to 19.00.
Numbers: 12 participants.
Price: 500 euros. Birdprice 480 euros.

Language: italian.

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All courses will be done only if the number is reached.
The registration to the courses will close 45 days before the beginning. Save the dates.


Last but not least

From May 2020 will resume the Clown course in the school  DIE ETAGE
Schule für die darstellenden und bildenden Künste e.V.