Teaching Berlin


Mime Centrum Berlin 

Mariannenpl. 2, 10997 Berlin

 3 September 2018 - 3 June 2019

Monday  21,oo h - 24,ooh


Clown is a particular dynamic of ourself in a particulary extraordinary time.


A training to improve our Clown.

There's a place where everything seems possible and this is the inner place where one's own Clown lives, a magical place where mind, body and heart live a relationship free of structures. There are many ways to get closer to the Clown, this path intends to face the smallest mask of universes, not as a character but as a process. I fall in love every time I find myself in this place. The course suggests a path towards this place; it is a free place where the rules exist, but where it is not always the right thing to respect them.
It is a work that requires mental, physical and emotional honesty, a work that needs practice and presence.
I'm not interested in making people laugh, I'm passionate about the human being, his functioning, his problems, his brain, his abilities, his limits, his emotions; more generally we can sum up by saying: his dynamics. All this is very funny, but often we don't see it.


Schule für die darstellenden und bildenden Küunste

A school to learn and improve your phisically attitude:




Painting / Graphics / Stage design





Clown Class