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March - December 2022

Friday  19,oo h - 22,oo h


The Performance will be in December 





The last few years have been a time of great change for mankind.

Mainly due to the fear that Covid-19 has caused and continues to cause.

There are many reflections that can be made about the metamorphosis that we are undergoing and will undergo.

One of the changes in this metamorphosis has been our desires.

We have begun to desire something different. In a different way.

When we started to reset, to rethink, to reinvent ourselves, our desires became different. Some never thought of before.

Our impulses changed, some accentuated, others calmed. The sensations we experienced were sometimes more painful and sometimes more pleasant. Or not?

Desire is the state of the soul that we will investigate.

What drives us to have desires? What do we do when we have one? What do we do to realize our desire?

What do we do when we cannot get it?

What role does it play in the human personality?




ClownLAb Berlin 


 What is the Clown? What attracts us to the Clown?

What is expected from a Clown?


There are many ways to approach the Clown and I suggest to try as many as possible until you find your own way; even if curiosity pushes the human being to always discover new ways, at a certain point you realize that there is a main road.

More than a road, one can speak of a universe of universes, and this is not a metaphor; those who have already tackled this research with me already know this.

There is a place where everything is possible and this is that inner place that generates its own Clown, a magical place where the mind stops being only-mind, the body takes body and the heart starts beating. I fall in love every time I am in this place. We will try, together with the participants, to create pathways to this place which I consider the most vital state there is.

I am not interested in making people laugh, I am passionate about the human being, functioning, problems, brain, capacities, limits, generosity, emotions; more generally, it can be summed up by saying: the inner dynamics. The focus will be metamorphosis: a fundamental element of creation in the arts in general, but especially in clowning.

The teaching path includes:

Very intense basic physical training.

Development of Clown consciousness

Guided Clown and unClown improvisations.

Specific training.

Make-up and Costume.

Creation of a Clown performance.

Tears and smiles.

It is always possible make a trial lesson






On Friday

25 February

4 March

18 March

1 April

8 April

29 April

6 May

13 May

3 June

10 June

17 June

1 July

8 July

15 July

22 July


2 September

9 September

16 September

... (the other dates will be available later)


From 19h to 22h


In addition to the weekly classes, there will be 3-4 weekends that participants are required to attend.

Details of the work will be explained at the classes.



More information and registration:


Write a bit about yourself, about your motivation to participate to the ClownLAb, please!

Your eventual artistic experiences, your interests and desires.