ClownLastShow, the second and final act of a Clown, love-death-desire trilogy that may never end.

In the first act, ClownLoveShow (ToFringe 2015), the theme was love; in ClownLastShow the theme is death.

Why 'last'? Because this is the central theme of theater and life. The theme of the present moment. Of the here and now. It is always in the present the last breath. We do not know if there will be another one, we do not know if life will give us another one. Or rather whether death will.

Why is it that when we approach death, the fog clears, the sun blinds, the heart grows stronger, but everything is clearer?

Life measures time in past, present and future, but the Clown's only possible time is one, just like death when it comes, when it is at the doorstep. 

The show does not better prepare for that last and only time, yet to come, but it offers a glimpse of one possible present: the last. 


Death touches (everyone) sooner or later.


Are we ready to die laughing?