About me

Willy the Clown, alias Antonio Villella, was born in 1976 in Turin - Italy. In 1998 he graduated as a director and actor in the School of Theatre of the Compagnia Viartisti in Turin. From 1994 to 2007 he worked with this company. In 2008 he founded the company Crab, of which he is still a member. In 2011 he created the Project "Teato Abitato", ensamble of theatre companies and training center in Avigliana (To). From 2013 he worked at the Torino Fringe Festival. Since 2005 he has been experimenting with Clown and his most important meetings were with P. Hottier, C. Colombaioni, P. Nani, F. Tardito, A. Rendina, P. Radice, J. Edwards and P. Ercolano. Since 2015 he has been mainly involved in clown shows and in his own clown theaching's method  'Playing, Listening, Clowning'.      His is not a politically correct clown. His physicality is dense and concrete. His sometimes black humour appeals to audiences of all ages. In 2017-2018 is the Clown teacher at Die Etage Pantomime School in Berlin.

Since 2018 he started regularly his own Clown-LAb.

Compagnia Tardito-Rendina


Since 2005 he has been working with the company, in particular he is part of the show "Circhio Lume" - dance theater show at the edge of the Clown.

The show has been performed in Italy, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Switzerland, Israel, Italy.




Since 2000 he collaborates with the acrobatic company Sonics as an actor, director and playwright.