Sonics – Acrobatics Aerial

A unique encounter

With Alessandro Pietrolini

we met last century and he was one of the first with whom I experimented with scoring and directing. We even managed to go on stage together, and with me he was also able to act well. There are also testimonies. Ale is a friend with whom I gladly share the work experience that life gives.

No defects

I did everything, I even climbed six metres high on a trapeze with no net and no safety. I participated in the shows Di ke kolore è la Luna - Meravilgia - Osa - Duum - Locanda Lumière.

Thanks also to Ileana Prudente, friend and incredible professional, an artist with the grace of a swan.


Thousand satisfactions

Since 1998, with the Sonics, I have built stage sets and painted at night, I have directed and performed in tourist campsites, I have animated, written texts, toured the biggest theatres in Italy, the piazzas, done tounèe abroad and met wonderful people: Claudio, Irene, Lucio, Federica, to name but a few. And it doesn't end here...