ClownLAberlin '23 - '24



 What is the Clown? What attracts us to the Clown?

What is expected from a Clown?


There are many ways to approach the Clown and I suggest to try as many as possible until you find your own way; even if curiosity pushes the human being to always discover new ways, at a certain point you realize that there is a main road.

More than a road, one can speak of a universe of universes, and this is not a metaphor; those who have already tackled this research with me already know this.

There is a place where everything is possible and this is that inner place that generates its own Clown, a magical place where the mind stops being only-mind, the body takes body and the heart starts beating. I fall in love every time I am in this place. We will try, together with the participants, to create pathways to this place which I consider the most vital state there is.

I am not interested in making people laugh, I am passionate about the human being, functioning, problems, brain, capacities, limits, generosity, emotions; more generally, it can be summed up by saying: the inner dynamics. The focus will be metamorphosis: a fundamental element of creation in the arts in general, but especially in clowning.

The teaching path includes:

Very intense basic physical training.

Development of Clown consciousness

Guided Clown and unClown improvisations.

Specific training.

Creation of a Clown performance.

Tears and smiles.


It is possible to take trial lessons from 12. September to 17. October.



ATTENTION: Regular training season starts on 7. November.  That means that the group will be closed.


To participate in ClownLAberlin, you must have attended the 'Playing, Listening, Clowning' - The Workshop. You can attend the workshop in Berlin in October or in January-February.


Come and check us out!


ClownLAb participants are invited to participate as much as possible in this year's training.

The more intensive and regular the practice, the better the results will be.


Here are the high points:

Sensitive Dance - Special Event with Claude Coldy - 1, 2, 3 December.

Playing, Listening Clowning - The Training - 8, 9, 10 December.



Discount Training.










On Tuesday From 20,30h to 23,00h -  From 12.9.23 to 13.7.24 July






Trial Lesson from 12.09.23 to 17.10.23:     20 euros

Regular ClownLAb from 7. November:    (250 euro each Cycle) 25 euros pro lesson

Dates I Cycle: 7-21-28 November, 5-12-19 December, 2-9-16-23-30  January

Dates II Cycle: 13-20-27 February, 5-12-19 March, 9-23-30 April, 

Dates III Cycle: 7-14-21 May 4-11-18 June 2-(6)-9-10-12-13 July 



More information and registration:


Willy  -


To partecipate write a bit about yourself, about your motivation, please!

Your eventual artistic experiences, your interests and desires.








14 July ClownLAberlin presents At the Starbar Cabaret 2024 Berlin 


Vuesch e. V. - Circus Schatzinsel | Zirkus Zack - Revaler Str. 99 10245 Berlin


September 2023 - July 2024

Tuesday  20,30 h - 23,00 h 

from 12.9.2023




ClownLAb Night Cabaret - July 2023